99 Brittany Burgunder Quotes: Change & Recovery

Soon, when all is well, you're going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad that you never gave up.
Brittany Burgunder Quotes
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Brittany Burgunder Quotes

  1. The further you fall into the hole, the higher you have to climb to get out.

2. Gotta let go … then let go some more. Then when I think I’ve let it all go, I’ve gotta let it go till it’s gone.

3. Action is necessary. It allows you to live.”

4. You are allowed to let go of your past and the outdated stories that have become so familiar. It’s okay, and even courageous, to close that chapter and move on.

5. Just because the dates change, does not mean you have to change. The continuous path toward self-improvement is a timeless process.

6. Your perception of me, of life, of others … is always a reflection of something in you.

7. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. Sometimes there is no good reason for the events that take place. But most times, you’ll realize it will all make sense for a much better reason, if you’re patient enough to wait.

8. Just because your heart is beating, doesn’t mean you’re alive.

9. We all face different challenges in life. But we all have an equal choice to move forward.

10. Hurt often holds the hidden key to unlocking your greatest healing.

11. Doors will open, but you have to be looking forward to see them and be thinking kindly of yourself in order to trust walking through them.

12. Recovery doesn’t mean putting your life on hold. Recovery means holding on so you can live your best life.

13. What are you hiding? Is it something from others, or from yourself. Find your truth. The more you show up, the more you’ll be found.

14. I promise no food will ever hurt you as much as a negative mind.

15. Perfectionism is searching for faults to justify low self-esteem. It is a guaranteed failure and fantasy.

16. There is such freedom in being able to sit still … with yourself, your questions, thoughts, dreams, and doubts. In fact, I can’t think of anything more frightening and liberating.

17. Life is not a puzzle to be solved. Life is a masterpiece that you create.

18. I think the most successful and accomplished people are those who can show courage and admit they can’t do it alone. It’s pointless to struggle silently behind a fake smile.

19. Your past, including your failures, simply offers feedback that makes you wiser and stronger than before.”

20. I don’t have the perfect roadmap drawn out, but I do know which roads I’ll never drive down again.

21. Not all battles are visible and neither are the victories.

22. Don’t second-guess yourself. You know the right answer and what’s best for you. Life is so much easier once you realize this.

23. Sometimes the hardest decisions are only meant to be made because a better purpose is waiting. Closing one door to walk through another doesn’t mean goodbye. It means believing in yourself and intuition to create your best self in the unknown.

24. You don’t have to preserve your pain in order to prove that it was real.

25. It doesn’t matter what others think. This is about you. Create a life that you genuinely love with your whole heart and start with yourself.

26. Recovery is hard. Regret is harder.

27. Our past offers us a choice … live in it or live from it.

28. There is a type of courage that cannot always be seen. It’s a bravery that you have to choose for yourself. You use it in the little, seemingly insignificant choices and decisions you make each day. Keep making these tiny, good choices over and over until you realize your whole life is different and the hero who saved you is yourself.

29. We can all take what once hurt us and turn it into what heals us.

30. The most important progress and success can’t be seen. If you can validate yourself internally, then external validation becomes a byproduct.

31. The only way to move forward is to focus on the good in your life and the good that you are doing for others and yourself.

32. I think sometimes making yourself vulnerable before you are ready is exactly what can hold you accountable. Do what you fear.

33. Take a chance. Don’t fear change. Life won’t hand you your dreams. Every time a door closes or you let go of something, you will find that there is room for new possibilities to enter. You aren’t saying goodbye. You are saying hello.

34. When you feel insecure or like you don’t measure up, remind yourself of how far you’ve come. And in that moment, you’ll realize you’ve climbed mountains and can overcome anything.

35. You aren’t doing “nothing” when you choose to put your wellbeing first. In fact, this is the key to having everything.

36. Healing requires you to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

37. Don’t be afraid to start over. Because it is in that leap to the unknown where you will find your wings.

38. Forgiving yourself, believing in yourself and choosing to love yourself are the best gifts one could receive.

39. We all have challenges and battles in our life. Sometimes the lesson is less about defeating them and more about learning not to defeat ourselves.

40. Whatever you did today is enough. Whatever you felt today is valid. Whatever you thought today isn’t to be judged. Repeat the above each day.

41. Trust the timing of your life. Keep focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, be kind, and follow your heart. Doors will open effortlessly, but first you have to be ready to walk through.

42. Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide.

43. Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to die, Well, no. No I didn’t want to die. But no one ever asked me if I wanted to live.

44. The thing with healing is that we often come back more resilient –stronger in the areas we once thought were broken.

45. I believe there are things in life, both tragic and miraculous, that one can’t understand through words but rather through the heart, and that is where the healing lies.

46. “Hope is important. It allows you to survive. But there’s a point where tough love is required if you want to change.

47. There is a fine line between challenging yourself and overwhelming yourself.

48. A really important and underestimated part of recovery is allowing yourself to fall apart without rushing in to fix it.

49. Recovery is hard. Staying in your disorder is hell.

50. Setbacks allow us to take a step back and look at the view from a whole.

51. Sometimes we need to be knocked down in a place so dark that we have no choice but to trust our heart to illuminate the way.

52. You aren’t doing “nothing” when you choose to put your well-being first. In fact, this is the key to having everything.

53. Slowing down is not always easy, but there are many gems to be found at a gentler pace.

54. You can do anything, but not everything. You don’t have to save the world, just yourself.

55. Life works in mysterious ways, and I believe one of the biggest challenges and successes is to let go and let it be.

56. Everyone holds his or her own key to success and happiness. It’s just that sometimes you have to test out a lot of wrong keys first to find the one that fits.

57. If you want to do something healthy for yourself – focus on your internal relationship. A diet, external, or materialistic fix won’t work.

58. Sometimes the process of growth looks a lot like destruction and pain. But you’ll realize with time that you’re not breaking; you’re healing.

59. No two eating disorders are the same. No two individuals are the same. No two paths to recovery are the same. But everyone’s strength to reach recovery is the same.

60. You don’t have to stay committed to something just because you’re good at it.

61. There is a fine line between stubbornness and stupidity as well as intensity and insanity.

62. Sometimes holding on is what holds us back.

63. A huge part of recovery and life -is slowing down and accepting the unknown. This is how you get to know –yourself.

64. No one knows your truth but you. If you’re secure in yourself, no one and no(thing) can touch you.

65. It’s surprising how much free time and productivity you gain when you lose the busyness in your mind.

66. Don’t say “never,” say “not yet.” Some of the most amazing things in life happen unexpectedly.

67. Your personal growth is the only thing that matters. You own and write your story; no one else does. Believe in the unique step up the mountain.

68. Recovery is real. It’s not a luck-of-the-draw deal where you put your name in a hat and hope to be chosen. It’s a grueling, relentless, personal process that will push you beyond your limits over and over.

69. Just because something is familiar, doesn’t mean it’s safe. And just because something feels safe, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

70. It’s amazing how much power a smile holds. It’s contagious and brightens people’s day. It’s also the most powerful camouflage.

71. You’re not a broken soul. You’re a whole soul who’s just feeling a little lost as you try a new path up the mountain.

72. Don’t wait for a crisis to realize what matters most. Put yourself first right now. Because right now is all we have.

73. Recovery is full of ups and downs. There is no such thing as a linear life. But you can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger.

74. No food will ever hurt you as much as an unhealthy mind.

75. Soon, when all is well, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad that you never gave up.

76. When you resolve what you see on the inside, you begin to solve what you see on the outside.

77. Mindset is everything. Like the eye of a storm -find the sunshine and calm within you, even if there is chaos outside of you.

78. The brightest rainbows are often found after the roughest storms.

79. There is no right or wrong way to recover. There is only the decision to do so.

80. Eating disorder recovery becomes possible when you keep making the next right decision over and over. With time, these decisions become automatic.

81. Trust the unknown. Trust yourself. Let go of searching for answers and the answers will appear.

82. If you hold on to any part of your eating disorder, you are always one step away from a relapse.

83. Reminder: The way you view yourself dictates the way you think others view you. Work on realizing you’re fiercely awesome!

84. Trauma and pain have a way of forcing you to zoom in on the heart of your life.

85. Recovery is a verb, not a noun. You have to be an active participant in order to continuously improve.

86. It’s the days you have every right to break down and fall apart, yet choose to show up anyway that matter most. Don’t diminish the small steps that others can’t see.

87. Change wish to wonder. I don’t wish my past were different, but I do wonder what it could have been.

88. It takes courage to change your life. It takes strength to keep going when you’re ready to quit. And there is beauty to be discovered from realizing you overcame what you thought you could not. Some things cannot be explained solely by words, rather they are felt in your heart and woven into your very being.

89. Eating disorders are insidious and subtly manipulative. The behaviors that initially feel like relief are the same ones that will eventually ruin you.

90. Be careful before you judge. More importantly, watch out for the judgements you place upon yourself.

91. You don’t always have to move on from your past, but you do need to find a way to move forward.

92. You are the artist of your recovery, and you get to create and sculpt it any way you like.

93. Needing help doesn’t have a look, but asking for it always looks beautiful.

94. Your personal growth is the only thing that matters. You own and write your story; no one else does. Believe in your unique steps up the mountain.

95. When you feel insecure or like you don’t measure up -remind yourself of how far you’ve come. And in the moment you’ll realize you’ve climbed mountains and can overcome anything.

96. Make a promise to yourself that you will always choose growth over safe and dreams over fear.

97. Don’t let fear interfere. It’s how you use your fear that counts. Don’t let it exhaust you -let it excite you. Change the narrative. You only get one life

98. When things get hard, get excited! It means you have been given an opportunity to become that much stronger and knowledgeable.

99. I can influence others, but I’m not responsible for others.

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