14 Self Improvement Challenges to Become a Better Person

If you want to lead your life and wants to become a leader, then first you need to lead yourself then only you can lead everything around you and needs to take self improvement challenges that are the way through you may improve yourself.
Self Improvement Challenges
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If you want to lead your life and wants to become a leader, then first you need to lead yourself then only you can lead everything around you and needs to take self improvement challenges that are the way through you may improve yourself.

One of the questions which are always in our mind is how we can improve ourselves!? and what are the main basics of self-improvement? In this blog, I will be going to cover the basics and the things that you know about self improvement and through which you can improve yourself.

Before starting to improve yourself first you know about what is the basics of self-improvement!

Basics of Self Improvement

Let me clear self-improvement consistent improvement of mind as well our body. That means to achieve inner self-improvement and upper self improve as well.

Inner self-improvement is connected with our moods and our thoughts. If you think positive always and be happy always that means you have achieved inner self-improvement.

On the next side, upper self-improvement means improving your health for instance! If you have a perfect and fit body that means you have achieved upper self-improvement.

Do you ever think who is called self improved person? the person who has improved himself enough and there is no other need for self-improvement to him is called a real self improved person.

For example, there are three friends X, Y & Z. X is the person who has money but doesn’t have health and Y is the person who has health but doesn’t have money, on the other hand, Z has both money as well health. In order to bring self-improvement, we need to reach the level of Z.

You might have a question in your mind how can I reach that level? In this blog, I will cover all the area of grounds through you can improve yourself. Till the end, you will have all the secrets that reveal how to improve your personality.

14 Self Improvement Challenges You Should Try

1. Conduct Self Awareness

One of the fundamental laws of self-improvement is to be aware of yourself. If you know yourself better then it’s easy for you to know the world. Always try to reach in-depth your feelings and your thoughts.

Try to know what your strengths and your weaknesses are. It will bring you to improve and grow in your life. Every morning take at least 15 minutes for yourself and sit alone, ask questions to you and try to find out answers to those questions.

Take a diary and write down all your strength and weakness in the journal. This activity will help to grow in life.

2. Set your Goals

Self-improvement can be only achieved if you know the path where you wants to go in your life and for this, it is important to set your goals. It brings clarity to your mind and gives you direction to achieve all of these goals which you have made.

Write down your goals on paper and stick it where is the possibility of seeing them more times. It will give you motivation for achieving your goal. You can stick it on your study table and beside your bed as well.

If you do this powerful thing for self-improvement, then you will be able to improve yourself. Divide your goals into small parts and try to achieve all of those parts is the easiest way to conquer your desires.

3. Work on Your Intelligence

Though it is true that if you are not intelligent enough you can’t lead anything or rule everything around you or even yourself as well.

To become a ruler of your life and to improve your personality you must have an active mind to deal with any situation that comes in front of you.

A good mindset helps to get success in your personal and professional life as well. A well-developed person is who developed his mind. For achieving a good mind and a good sense of humour you have to focus on its development.

Start doing some mental exercise like solving quizzes, playing puzzles or any mind games. That sort of mind game will help for being an intelligent person.

4. Have Good Communication Skills

If you have an idea but you don’t know how to express it then you cannot grow. A well and good communication is a must to have self-improvement.

Every successful person gets success in their life because they have good communication skills. If you have good communication skills then you can convince anyone by your communication and in any situation, you can mould onto your favour.

Good communication also leads to having better relationships as well. Communication skills work as a backbone of success. It is true that without communication you cannot grow as a person.

For having good communication skills you have to practice them because good communication skills cannot be achieved in just one day.

If you practice it again and again then trust me within a month you can become a good communicator.

If you listen to someone carefully he says and then only you will be able to express your thoughts. Try to be attentive when you are communicating with someone.

And also try to know the thinking and mindset of the person who is communicating with you on which he is saying something.

Meeting new people every day also helps you for having good communication skills.

5. Take a 21 Days Challenge

Give at least 21 days to build a new habit in yourself. Because any habit is built in ourselves within 21 days. If you do something with continuity at the same time till 21 days it becomes your habit.

If you want to build any habit like you want to make a habit of daily exercise then start doing it at the same time to make it’s a part of your life routine.

Want to wake up early in the morning, doing this on daily basis will become your habit in 21 days.

6. Do regular exercise

Doing exercise on regular basis gives you a perfect and fit body which is a must for an improved personality.

Because exercise is not only good for our health but also it is good for increasing our minds sharpness too and it helps in our thoughts to become clearer.

Though when you start doing an exercise it feels tough but later exercise will become a part of your life and releases dopamine when you challenge yourself and your body. It makes you feel happy and makes your body fit.

7. Never Try to Do Everything at the Same Time

There is no reality in that if you do everything at a particular time then you can grow better. Trying and doing everything at the same time creates confusion and complications and if do everything at the same time you will be not able to achieve anything.

Always try to set only one target and give your total effort to that target that you have created and switch to another only if you have completed one.

Always remember focusing on everything doesn’t make’s you achieve everything but being focused on only one target will make you achieve everything.

8. Take Dares and Challenges to Yourself

Always challenge yourself that no one is able to challenge you. Doing always that you have fear will make you fearless. Don’t be afraid of doing things that fear you.

Try to get out of your comfort zone. Become good at being uncomfortable. Make a list of things that you have fear of doing and try to achieve that list.

It will make your life adventurous and makes you face your fears and grow in your life.

Take out a pen and note down all of the things that you are afraid of doing for example if you have fear of public speaking then face people daily that one day will become you have no longer fear of people.

9. Always Try to Improve your Qualities

There is so much competition in today’s world and in order to reduce that competition we have to improve our qualities at that level where there is no longer a need for any other improvement and no one can beat us.

For example, if you are good at writing then try to improve your writing skills daily and practice it, again and again, which will make your skill to be improved.

10. Always help others

If you have improved everything but not have improved your soul that does not mean you have improved yourself totally. Improvement of our soul is also essential for ourselves and there are some responsibilities to us as human beings.

In order to achieve humanity, we have to be in work with other people. Helping others does not only makes you improve as a human being but also leads you for getting respect in the eye of other people and yourself as well.

11. Read Books Daily

Every successful people have a habit of book reading. Reading books helps you to have a new idea, thought and new perception of seeing things as well.

Give at least 15 minutes to reading a book. It will increase your knowledge and help you to grow in your life. Read the biography of people who inspire you. For example, if you were inspired by Nelson Mandela then read out their biography that will help you to know the secret of their thinking and you can also be able to apply those rules to your life. Reading inspirational books will lead you to have inspiration in order to grow in your life.

12. Choose a Career that Suits You

If you focus on the money there are very few chances for being successful but if you choose that career which you love to do then it makes money automatically to come and you will be successful.

For example, if your love drawing then becomes an architect and if you are good at conversation and have the ability to convince people then you can choose marketing as a career. Selecting an exact career that suits you defines your future.

Career choice is very important and never take it lightly. After choosing a career take an initiative to ask questions on it to whom who had already a success in that particular field. That makes clear to you how you will going to be successful in that field and what steps you have to take in order to set an idea for your career.

13. Try to become a good researcher 

Being a good researcher is very important for being an improved person. Never do anything without researching it.

For example, if tomorrow you are going to have an interview then research on that particular project totally. Doing research minimize the chances of losing anything.

Intelligent people are those who research first and later act on that. Never hurry in doing things. Always make sure to have proper knowledge of that topic which you wants to do.

Research not only makes you successful but also build never losing attitude in yourself.

14. Try to do those Things which no one is Doing

Always try to become an entrepreneur of new ideas in your life. Talk on that topic on which no one is talking and do those things which no one is doing. That will lead you to become an inspiration. And you can grow as a person in your life.

Doing things that no one is doing makes you different in the crowd of people. People who have made history is because they were think different and do those things who no were doing.

Always think about always out of the box is the main secret of getting success and growing in life.


These are the most powerful self improvement challenges to yourself.

If you follow these routines on a daily basis, then you will see yourself as an improved person.

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