How To Set Goals and Achieve Them Actually

If we set our goals accurately and work on them then no one in this world can stop us to achieve our future with success and prosperity. But for the achievement of our goals, we need a high amount of motivation and concentration towards its achievement.
How to set goals and achieve them
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It is a truth that without goal setting it is impossible to succeed in our life. We have to be very accurate while we set our goals.

If we set our goals accurately and work on them then no one in this world can stop us to achieve our future with success and prosperity. But for the achievement of our goals, we need a high amount of motivation and concentration towards its achievement.

What is Goal Setting

Goal setting is the main pillar that defines where we will go and if we set our goals in the right way then our success is in our hands. The one scientifically proven law is if we continue thinking about something then our action is automatically based on it.

For success, it is not enough to have worked only a day but we need continuous thinking and actionability towards its achievement. Our mistake is about we do not reach our goals most of the time because we didn’t follow the main rules for goal setting and its achievement.

Most of the time we think that another person has more potential and is superior to us because he achieved his goals but we didn’t!! Don’t think that the person is more than you in any way because everyone has the same mind but it depends on us how we utilize it in order to reach our target and for the achievement of our goals.

The main game is to get success is to be focused and have enough willpower to do something more. But the thing is that it is not only possible just by watching motivational videos and by reading motivational blogs only!

For this, we have to apply some of the important rules for goal achievement and goal setting. Further in this blog, I have described the main steps for goal setting and its achievement.

How To Set Goals and Achieve Them

1. Find to Know You are Passionate About

Don’t listen to anyone else only listen to your heart while you are going to set your goals because they can’t feel like you. If another person is doing something and succeeds in that doesn’t mean you may have to also do the same thing.

Always set your goals smartly. Moreover the time we fail to conquer our goals because we don’t have enough interest in doing that thing. If we were doing the same thing with full of interest then no one can stop us to get achieved that goal.

Make always that goals or choose that target which you loves to do. First, you need to know to do what you are passionate about. In order to know about your passion just focus on the thing doing which you feels good and which thing makes you rid of your stress.

There is often something in everyone’s life towards we connected with! That can be any like someone like to draw while feeling stressed to change his mood to happiness.

If you love drawing then you may set it as a target and if you love travelling to get out of your stress then you may be a travel vlogger or blogger.

The benefit of choosing that thing which you connected with and you loves to do and make it as your career than chances of achieving that goal is to become 100% and obvious hence always try to set that goal which drives your interest.

2. Try to Reach Out to the Depth of your Goal

After setting your goal another thing that is very important to do is to research the topic that you have made as your target.

For example, if your selected goal is to become an entrepreneur because you love to discover new things then try to reach the conclusion like what is needed to become an entrepreneur? And how to become an entrepreneur? And how long period is required to become an entrepreneur?

Because questioning about your goal is very important it brings clarity in your mind regarding your chosen goal and gives you the right path in order to achieve that goal.

If you do not research your choosing target then consequences may be in you leave in the middle before achieving that goal.

3. Looking Forward for your Mentor

If you have decided about what actually you want to do then it is important to meet someone who practically doing that thing and succeed in that field. Try to make a relationship with that person and make him your ideal and your mentor.

Because your mentor can guide you that how you can grow and avoid failures! Try to know his journey and what difficulties he had faced for achieving that thing. And how long period of struggle he was required to do to get succeed.

And make a note about what you have to do and don’t have to do for the achievement of your target. That will help to make a proper plan for your goal.

4. Break your Goal into Small Parts

If you break your target into smaller parts then the chances of its achievement become more.

Try to break your goal in that small part as how much is possible. And make that small part into a very small tiny part. And make all parts as a section and try to complete all of the sections.

Doing that decreases chances of failure and increases chances for your success.

For example, if you have decided to top in the exam then what smart thing you can do is to think about like if your syllabus book has 12 chapters then break all of those chapters into 6 sections and try to complete each section within 10 days that means complete 2 chapters in 10 days. Doing that will enable you to complete all of 12 chapters within 2 months then you may achieve your goal easily.

That is the easiest way to conquer your goals.

5. Connect your Pleasures with your Goals

One of the best ways to be motivated in order to achieve your goals is to connect them with your pleasures.

If you connect your goals with your pleasures then you will be able to reach your target within a decided period without any delays. Because doing that will reduce boringness for doing something.

There is always one thing doing which we are addicted to. For example, someone is addicted to watching web series or someone has an addiction to travelling etc. In order to reach out a goal moreover the people decide to leave that thing which they have an addiction to.

For example, If you have an addiction to watching web series but stop watching it because you may think at one time doing that will stop you to achieve your goals. But you don’t need to do the same.

One of the smartest things you can do is to connect your addiction with your goal. For example, if your decided goal for today is to finish a report then you may choose to reward yourself by connecting that target of completing the report with your addiction to web series.

You can decide that if I will finish today all of the decided reports then I will reward myself by watching my favorite web series. That will give you a high amount of motivation for your target to get done.

6. Take Immediate Action on your Decided Goal             

After deciding on a goal one of the most important thing is to take immediate action on it.

Don’t delay in taking action on the decided goal. Because if you do not take immediate action on your goal then you will be not able to achieve your target within a decided period.

Always make sure while you are taking action on your decided task to complete it within a period without any delay and with never give up attitude! You have to keep continuously remembering yourself that you will be going to do this within a period.

Keep motivating yourself and say to yourself that doing this is very important for you while taking action on your decided goal. Have enough confidence that you will be going to earn your target.

7. Keep your Eyes always Open

Along with taking action towards your goal one of the most important things which help you to grow is to always look forward to new opportunities coming to you.

It will definitely help you to achieve success and complete your target and along with that, you will gain confidence and experience as well.

8. Enjoy your journey

Rather than focus on results keep enjoying your journey. Always try to learn during your struggling period.

Cherish all your moment of hard work and feel good that you are at least trying to do something because doing nothing is better than doing something.

If you do enjoy your journey then no one in this world can stop you from success and achieving your goals.

9. Be Stable

Keep remembering failure is just a setback. The most important thing is how you deal with those failures is the main important pushing point.

If you doing something then you must have the ability to handle situations coming in front of you. Whether it is a failure also.

Every successful person has faced failure in their lives because they are able to reach out here today. Hence do not take failure as a serious problem and try to learn from your mistakes and solve them.

10. Never Give Up

One of the last steps comes in goal achievement to have a never-give-up attitude. If you have a never-give-up attitude then you have all the thing which is important for success.

More than a result is important to keep trying and trying again and again. Be the warrior and face challenges that come in front of you. Make sure to never give up. 


These are the main steps for goal setting and its achievement. All are the mandatory steps will lead you to your goal achievement.

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