51 Naval Ravikant Quotes About Entrepreneurship & Wealth

Just focus on one or two really important things, and everything else, just surrender to it.

Naval Ravikant Quotes

1. So, if you’re willing to bleed a little bit every day but in exchange, you’ll win big later, you will do better. That is, by the way, entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs bleed every day. They’re not making money, they’re losing money, they’re constantly stressed out, and all the responsibility is upon them, but when they win they win big. On average they’ll make more.

2. Wealth is assets that earn while you sleep.

3. The people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something.

4. Entrepreneurship is essentially an act of creating something new from scratch. Predicting that society will want it, and then figuring out how to scale it, and get it to everybody in a profitable way, in a self-sustaining way.

5. People creating wealth will always be attacked by people playing status games.

6. You can’t be normal and expect abnormal returns.” I’ve always enjoyed that one too.

8. The enemy of peace of mind is expectations drilled into you by society and other people.

9. Be present above all else.

10. As long as you are doing what you want, it’s not a waste of time.

11. Impatience with actions, patience with results.

12. The measure of how much you love something is what you sacrifice for it.

13. Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.

14. You must own equity to gain financial freedom.

15. Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

16. Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it.

17. Too much sugar leads to a heavy body, and too many distractions lead to a heavy mind.

18. Just focus on one or two really important things, and everything else, just surrender to it.

19. The most dangerous things are heroin and a monthly salary.” Right, because they are highly addictive.

20. If you don’t love yourself who will?

12. All greatness comes from suffering.

13. Don’t make up your mind. “Knowing” is the end of learning.

Arm yourself with specific knowledge.

14. The enemy of peace of mind is expectations drilled into you by society and other people.

People living below their means have freedom.

15. Sing the song that only you can sing, write the book that only you can write, build the product that only you can build… live the life that only you can live.

16. Happiness is the default state. It’s what’s there when you remove the sense that something is missing.

17. The fundamental delusion — there is something out there that will make me happy and fulfilled forever.

18. Don’t make up your mind. “Knowing” is the end of learning.

20. A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought — they must be earned.

21. A rational person can find peace by cultivating indifference to things outside their control.

22. I don’t actually read a lot of books. I pick up a lot of books and only get through a few, which form the foundation of my knowledge.

23. You make your own luck if you stay at it long enough.

24. Reading is the ultimate meta-skill that can be traded for anything else.

25. If it entertains you now but will bore you someday, it’s a distraction. Keep looking.

26. To the experts, what looks like hard work from the outside, is a play from the inside.

27. If you’re good with computers, if you’re good at basic mathematics if you’re good at writing if you’re good at speaking, and if you like reading, you’re set for life.

28. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re just a monkey with a plan.

29. The people who have the ability to fail in public under their own name actually gain a lot of power.

30. Status is your ranking in the social hierarchy.

31. The means of learning are abundant, and the desire to learn is scarce.

32. The smarter you get, the slower you read.

33. Specialization is for insects. I don’t believe in this model of trying to focus your life on one thing. You’ve got one life just do everything you want.

34. Art is anything done for its own sake.

35. Reality is neutral. Our reactions reflect back and create our world. Judge, and feel separate and lonely. Anger, and loss of peace of mind. Cling, and live in anxiety. Fantasize, and miss the present. Desire, and suffer until you have it.

36. Renting out your time means you’re essentially replaceable.

37. The only true test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.

38. Escape competition through authenticity.

39. Wealth buys your freedom.

40. Every second you have on this planet is very precious, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re happy and interpreting everything in the best possible way.

41. You have two lives, and the second one begins when you realize you only have one.

42. Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes.

43. Happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing from your life.

44. You should be able to pick up any book in the library and read it.

45. Don’t partner with pessimists.

46. We don’t always get what we want, but sometimes what is happening is for the best.

47. The most important trick to happiness is to realize happiness is a skill you develop and a choice you make.

48. You’re going to die one day and none of this is going to matter.

49. Don’t spend your life making other people happy. Other people being happy is their problem.

50. Too many takers and not enough makers will plunge society into ruin.

51. About Luck Making money isn’t about luck. It’s about becoming the kind of person who makes money. Making money isn’t about luck.

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