15 Best Tips To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Best Tips To Wake Up Early

Mornings are the most important part of the day. If you want the best tips to wake up early and not feel tired, here it is.

Waking up early in the morning not only starts in the morning but it’s the mindset and preparation from the previous night.

Whether it’s a Monday morning or a weekend, a good start makes the day more productive.

15 Best Tips to Wake up Early

1. Plan your day the previous night

Plan your day the previous night before you go to sleep. Starting from your morning routine to the things you need to do in your work.

Prepare a plan mentally or even write it down. Even if you don’t carry that paper with you the things you wrote down will come into your memory.

2. Set a consistent time to go to bed

You may be a night owl. You may like to work late at the night in silence when the world is sleeping and without any distractions.

But remember a minimum of 6 hours of sleeping time is required to be more productive the next day. Yes, sometimes your work may require late-night extensions but not every time.

Without knowing yourself you might have developed the habit of staying up late at night without being productive. So set a consistent time to go to bed.

3. Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

It may seem to be a bit of old fashion advice but most of the successful people in the world are early birds. You may often complain about being late to work and feeling lazy because of going to bed late.

The best trick to waking up early is going to bed early.

4. Keep your room neat and organized

Try to keep your room clean and organized before you go to sleep. This habit will make you disciplined and give you the satisfaction to go to bed.

5. No Screen Time

Have your dinner early as possible and finish browsing the phone soon. Don’t lie on the bed and use your phone. You may lose track of the time.

Sit up somewhere, finish browsing for a limited time, and keep the phone away from the bed. Ensure no screen time in bed.

6. Play some relaxing music

If you have the habit of sleeping late at night it may be hard to change your routine to sleep early. To help yourselves play some relaxing sleeping sounds to make you fall asleep. Music will lighten up your mind and release your burdens.

7. Read a Book

If you don’t feel sleepy read a book. Its benefits in both ways like its making you stay away from your phone and improving your reading habit.

8. Have the motive to Wake up

Focus on yourself to achieve something you love or develop a new habit. Set a time frame to achieve your goal or develop that new habit.

Once you are focused you don’t feel like sleeping. You will just get up and do things.

9. Never hit the Snooze button

As soon as the alarm goes off you’ll urge to hit the snooze button. Don’t do that.

Let the alarm goes on until you make yourself wake up.

Avoid setting up multiple alarms. Set one and stick to it.

10. Keep the alarm out of reach

This is a simple trick to drag you out of the bed. Keep the alarm out of your hand’s reach or maybe in the other corner of the bed.

So this will give you the opportunity not to hit the snooze button but to wake up and go to switch off the alarm.

As soon as you wake up open the curtains to let the sunlight in. This will make your drowsiness go away and viewing the fresh outside make you feel pleasant.

12. Get an Alarm Clock

Even if you swear not to look at your phone in the early morning, while turning off the alarm, a notification on your phone may catch you up.

The best trick to avoid this is to go in the old fashion way. Get a decent alarm clock.

Things To Do After Waking Up Early

11. Stay away from Social Media

Research says 88% of people see their phone within 1 hour of waking time. It will be interesting to see the likes and comments received for your posts, but it may lead to an unpleasant mood if the results are not as expected. This may affect your productivity for the day.

13. Drink Water

Drink a glass of fresh water or even more as soon as you wake up. It makes you feel fresh.

Water is an essential source for our body and needs to drink more water as possible.

Beginning your day with drinking water improves your health. If you want to feel refreshed, have a cup of tea or coffee.

14. Stretch your body

Giving your mind and body still improve your productivity. It may be doing some meditation, yoga, jogging, or hitting the gym.

Fix up a time to do these activities for around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

15. Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important food of the day as you are having it after a long night. So, start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Wrapping Up: Best Tips to Wake up Early

You don’t have to use all these best tips to wake up early immediately.

Start using these one by one slowly until it becomes a habit for you.

Soon you will become a morning person in no time.

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